Uncovered Discussion Series

The best discussions happen over food and drink.  The Uncovered Discussion Series hosted by husART Design Collective seeks to promote focused conversations in the context of potluck around a communal dinner table.  Topics will range from arts, community, sustainability, science, business and more.  In depth topics will be in a serial format over consecutive weeks.
Heads of table are close to the issues at hand, whether expert, involved citizens, or active participants, they will give a background for the discussion and all participants are free to share their ideas, perspectives, brainstorm solutions, or just listen and enjoy. 


Our inaugural serial “Art Shaped Community” looks at relationships between growing communities within Chicago, Gary, and Detroit. We will investigate what challenges face each of these cities and how particular neighborhoods have responded and thrived. Within this conversation will be central themes of gentrification, dealing with abandoned properties, and questions of what makes healthy communities.
It is the hope that through these discussions participants can uncover ways to improve their own communities. 

February 10, 2015: Miller Beach, IN 
Cullen Daniel, President of Miller Beach Historical Society
Corey William Hagelberg, Co-founder Calumet Artist Residency
Jennifer White, Founder Rehabitate

February 17, 2015: Gary, IN 
Samuel A Love, organizer with the Central District Organizing Project (C-DOP) and Founder and president of Bureau of Peace, Love, and Art
Renee Hatcher, Human Rights Attorney

February 24, 2015: Pullman, IL
JB Daniel, Founder Mosnart
Rebecca Buchmeier, Architect and Pullman Resident

March 3, 2015: Detroit, MI 
Meegan Czop, Materials Buyer ReBuilding Exchange
Sarah Mellen, Founder The Jack and The Ace