spatial sculpture 

nuWaste focuses on the issues of waste consumption and water usage in both farming and building communities. It questions what steps we can take to reduce our impact on these life cycles. Exploring the process of food growth, harvest, consumption, waste, and composting, husARchitecture investigated similar cycles within building industries in terms of building construction, use, deconstruction and reuse. The exhibit became an artistic expression of these concepts used to engage the community with discussions of their own perceptions. The space itself fostered and attracted community creating an ad hoc gathering space of friends and discourse.

Thanks to our partners:

Patchwork FarmsFotio, Rebuilding Exchange, Gretchen Hasse, and Tara Zanzig

Salvage Exhibit, 2014

Guerrila Truck Art Show, 2013

Milwaukee Ave Arts Fest 
Chicago, IL, 2013


spatial sculpture/co`mmunity study 
Artist Residency 2014 

chiNAgo is the first stage of a long­term study on cultural preservation and rapid development. As an architectural and urban project exploring issues of scale, culture, and growth through the lens of food based communities, the project aims to document and understand how food shapes community across cultures. Through personal interviews, video, photography, and architectural documentation, chiNAgo will map the reach of Tanjiawei, a small wet market in the heart of Shanghai, as well as its people, and its story to uncover a core of Chinese society.  This information will be used to determine influences that could reintroduce scale of community to the current philosophy of mega ­development in China. While currently focused on finding linkages within Chicago, the project will ultimately explore a global comparison of place­ based architecture that fosters community on local levels.

B/W image: Three Story Media

High Concept Laboratories
Chicago, IL 


various projects
2013 - present

To work within the idea that architecture could not become a reality without construction, husARchitecture maintains a close relationship with building through furniture.  Working with reclaimed materials not only adds character but also furthers our sustainable mission.