Our Mission


HUS architecture is an internationally affiliated, locally minded design studio. Founded in 2010, we create solutions that intrinsically link clients with their community and environment. With a history of residential and commercial spaces, our designs range from furniture to urban planning with a focus on architecture.  

HUS architecture actualizes a vision by expertly navigating the entire architecture process from design inception, permit process, through construction administration. We develop close relationships with our clients and work together to build a strong project concept from which we create unique spaces and experiences. 

Our projects are inherently sustainable by responding to existing site conditions and maximizing use of local and reclaimed materials to shape our buildings. At the core of our mission, we use design to bring people together, enliven space, and develop communities.


Our Team


Chyanne husar, Principal Architect

Chyanne Husar is an explorer and creator who uses architecture and constructed form as a medium to bring awareness of social and environmental concerns to the public. She has earned architectural degrees from both the University of Illinois Urbana/Champaign and Columbia University, NY and has spent over 18 years in the industry. Chyanne's understanding of diversity and culture has been shaped by her experiences living in Versailles, New York, and Shanghai. Her work continues to develop a palette that responds to the needs of the world around in our own Chicago backyards. 




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Jen white, architect

Jennifer was the first employee of HUSarchitecture, joining the team in 2014. With 17 years of experience in the architecture industry, she is a diligent  worker and an excellent project manager with an extreme attention to detail and keen eye for identifying inconsistencies. Jennifer founded Rehabitate, a non-profit architectural salvage station in Gary, IN, and is the present chair of the Legacy Foundation Miller Spotlight Property Group. This demonstrates her high level of informed awareness of community development and conscientious building development.

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tina wong, architect

Tina joined the HUSarchitecture team in early 2016 and has quickly become a integral member of the firm.  Her attention to detail, her quick understanding of project needs, and her ability to identify incongruences helps HUSarchitecture maintain our attention to detail.    As an AmeriCorps service member in Austin, TX, she renovated low-income households to improve energy efficiency and provided sustainability education to the public. Tina is an outward proponent of sustainability concerns and political action both in her work efforts and through her volunteering with the AIA.

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andres pinto, intern

Andres was HUS architecture's 2018 summer intern who brought a strong passion for affordable housing and sustainability.  He has been a quick study supporting a broad range of projects and asking some tough questions that keep us all on our toes.  We wish him the best as he continues his Master's at the University of Illinois Urbana/Champaign.


Past Employees

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Emma husar office assistant

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Daina furuya architect


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