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Architrave LLC designed a three story addition to the Minnie Mars Jamieson Elementary school in the Ravenswood neighborhood seeking LEED certification.

Construction began in the fall of 2015 by Old Veterans Construction. When husARchitecture was contracted in December to perform LEED administration, there had already been two prior LEED administrators who were not meeting the owners requirements.

husARchitecture assumed responsibility for the monthly project reports, project inspections, and LEED submittals, turning the tracking progress around. All the while, building strong relationships with the client and helping to rebuild trust between the contractor, owner, and architect.

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Cabin in the Woods

The cabin in the woods is a single family home that serves as a full time residence for its owner and expands to a vacation home for large family gatherings. It is imperative it be a flexible space that allows private comfort and space for individuality. This is achieved by though each space’s unique connection to nature. Through these relationships the home changes with the seasons: enclosed, shaded, and protected in the summer, while farsighted in winter, when the canopy of trees shed their leaves.

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